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Welcome to Global Securitisation Services Limited (GSS)

Global Cargo

Global Securitisation Services Limited specialises in the ownership and administration of UK Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) established in connection with structured finance transactions. With our affiliated company in the Channel Islands, we operate as a full service Special Purpose Vehicle Company Administrator.

All UK Special Purpose Vehicle Company Administrator Entity Requirements

From providing SPVs with equity capital, independent officers and directors, as well as, accounting, and corporate services, it is our aim to deliver the complete Special Purpose Vehicle solution for your individual business needs.

About GSS

Global Securitisation Services Limited was established in 1998. Our experience means we are well placed to offer full service SPV administration to domestic and international banks, investment banks, independent finance companies and corporates. Click here to find out more about Global Securitisation Services

Ready to discuss your Special Purpose Vehicle Requirements?

Simply contact us today to find out more about our UK Special Purpose Vehicle services. Alternatively, you can find out more about us or our agent for service of process or corporate services.